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Offset Null Entertainment

Welcome to Offset Null Entertainment, the new face of Happy Goat Studios. This name change was made to more accurately reflect our work. Offset Null is a small company of programmers and digital artists. Along with some of our other work, we have released several mobile applications over the past couple months. Check them out!

BlowTorch MUD Client for Android
What started as a hobby is now the most function Mobile MUD Client on Android. What's a MUD Client you ask? Well, MUDs are Multi-User Dungeons. They are the original MMO and began when networking and the internet were still in their infancy. Users generally connect to MUDs using a terminal program or emulator and play the game by issuing text-based commands. There are generally no graphics in MUDs, except what your imagination can muster. Check out MUD Connect for more information about MUDs and whats available to play.

HappyChar is a font browser and copier for Android. It's like the Character Map program for Windows. It lets you browse glyphs and characters defined by any font you have loaded. It is the ONLY Android app which suppresses undefined glyphs (they look like square characters).