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HappyChar Android Character Map

HappyChar Android App

HappyChar is a mobile app designed for Android which lets you explore, copy, and decode characters in the unicode basic multilingual plane. Copy individual characters or phrases to the clipboard for use in other applications.


We released two versions of HappyChar, an ad supported version and a paid version which features no ads. Both have full features and can be downloaded from the market:
HappyChar Free
HappyChar (No Ads)

Features include:

  • No more boxes! Undefined characters are now hidden by default (can be enabled in the Settings)
  • Desktop Widgets for quick copies!
  • List and Grid View Modes
  • Favorites
  • History Browsing
  • Phrases (for emoticons or short messages)
  • Text Decoding (to see which characters are in a string)
  • Color schemes
  • Browse with different fonts
  • Load True-Type Fonts from the SD Card

Feedback is always welcomed. Please send any questions or problems to the developer email for a quickest response.

What are these boxes?!

Boxes mean the current font does not have a glyph for a given character. Some fonts have many characters defined, some have just a few. Though not all fonts assign glyphs to every character, copy and pasting boxes will transfer the correct character data. Try selecting a different font from the Options menu or loading a True-Type font from your SD card. The font with the best coverage of the unicode basic multilingual plane is unifont, available at HappyChar now provides the option to skip and not display these characters when browsing.


Clicking a character will append it to the clipboard sandbox at the bottom of the screen. Copy the sandbox to the clipboard by clicking the clipboard icon.

Long clicking a character will launch the character inspector which shows the byte order breakdown for the character in different unicode encodings.

Mark favorites by clicking the happy face in the character inspector. View your favorites by pressing MENU->Favorites.

View phrases by pressing MENU->Phrases. Enter new phrases by pressing the green Add button at the top of the screen. Phrases can be copied, edited, or deleted by pressing the utility buttons in each list item.

Click the top bar in between the left and right arrows to show the section list and jump to the any section of the unicode basic multilingual plane.

Any True-Type font may be loaded into HappyChar. Select Font from the MENU->Options page, and select "Scan SD Card" from the list to initiate a search for True-Type fonts in the SD Card. Fonts may be placed anywhere on the sd-card. To cancel the search press the BACK button.