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Vote for 3ds Max Features

If you're a 3ds Max 2012 (or any version) user and haven't cast your vote in the AutoDesk Community Wishlist for 3ds Max, do so now! The 3ds Max development team is keeping a close eye on all the feature requests, enhancements, bugs/annoyances, and default setting suggestions that users are providing.

The way it works is pretty simple; sign in with your email, search or browse through the appropriate forums for ideas you'd like to see in 3ds Max, and cast 1-3 votes per topic (max 20 votes per forum). If you enter a new idea, it'll cost you extra votes, so make sure the idea doesn't already exist by using the search feature (the huge text above the ideas list).

Forums include:

How it works:

  • Everyone gets 20 votes for each of the above forums.
  • Users can cast up to 3 votes per idea.
  • You can change your vote at any time.
  • New ideas cost you 1 vote, so make sure it doesn't already exist. The wishlist began in February of 2011, so there's been a lot of time for people to add their ideas. Don't waste votes creating new topics when you could help push an existing one further up.
  • Be precise! If you start a new idea, make sure others know what you're referring to by being specific.
  • Once the devs implement an idea, votes are returned to all the users that voted.
  • Check back regularly because admins may move, edit, merge, or comment on ideas to keep the process on track (like requesting more info on a given topic).

Reactor - Zero Chance of Return

If you were hoping to vote for Reactor's reinstatement, I'm sad to say you're out of luck. A feature request topic was already created and quickly declined. Ken Pimentel had this to say:

There is zero chance of Reactor coming back, therefore, it is better if your votes are placed elsewhere. Unlike Reactor, we are now fully engaged with the PhysX and APEX teams on research in a lot of different areas. I hope you see the value of this research in the coming years.

Ken Pimentel Director, Autodesk Media & Entertainment

Reactor wasn't great, but it had a lot of tools which I grew to enjoy. Now that we no longer have an integrated physics simulation environment, we'll just have to focus on using other tools that 3ds Max ships with, such as the cloth and flex modifiers. I've written a few tutorials on simulating water and buoyancy using Flex which will hopefully tide some of you over while we wait for the remainder of the PhysX and APEX tools to roll out.


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