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BlowTorch Chat Window Plugin Update

With the BlowTorch Test version 4 release, some fixes have also come to the chat window, as well as tweaked ui use. Please update your BlowTorch Test installation to the latest version 4 before updating this plugin. The version indicator for the most up to date version is 1.14.

For those with it already installed, you should be able to auto update from the MENU->Options->Chat Window->Check Update
For those without, please see the earlier Chat Plugin post for installation instructions.
Please read on for more information on changes and new features.

The major difference is that the useless delete button, and the pin function have been removed. The window no longer expands when long pressed, it now reveals the ui control bar with the resizer, filter controls and the hide button. Pressing the hide button will now just hide the toolbar and leave the window at whatever location it was at. Much simpler.

The original method was good but too clunky with too many extra buttons. Simplifying it I feel has made it a more useful tool with less clutter. But I would like to hear about it if anyone really enjoyed the original.

Stuff that was fixed in this version:

Some weird behavior when re sizing the window that did not have enough lines to scroll.

The indicator of which is the selected tab is a bit more pleasing color. Also it does not get reset if a new channel is added while a filter is active.

There are now options to better work with non-compact mud output (e.g. muds that send chat data with extra newline formatting) as well as to insert newlines into the chat window to give it a non-compact look. See the MENU->Options->Chat Window to toggle the settings. Gag extra newlines uses a pretty dangerous generic line catching trigger to gag the extra newlines, if you do not need the setting on (you have a "compact" option for your game) than having this on will gag real output and you will not see it. Both of these features are still being tested and there is currently a bug at least with aardwolf chat where sometimes a chat tag will be missed. Example:

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