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BlowTorch v2 Test Version Installation Instructions

This shouldn't be too difficult but there are a few steps. All paths are on the sdcard in the /BlowTorch/ root directory. There will be a number of places where search paths are discussed about what dialogs will search where, and they are all relative to this /mnt/sdcard/BlowTorch/ or wherever your external storage happens to be.

As to play nice with android 3.0+ features, I have adopted the ActionBar as simply as possible, as a transparent overlay with all options collapsed to the menu overflow. The effect is a floating menu button in the upper right of the screen. All menu options are described as their keyword in the menu list. On Android < 3.0, Menu items are accessed via the menu button, be sure to check the "more" option to reveal the entire list. On Android > 3.0, the entire list is presented when the overflow menu button is pressed, there are no icons.

  1. BACK UP YOUR SETTINGS - Back up your settings from whatever connections you feel like using in the test version to the root blowtorch folder. Optionally the launcher list can be exported in the launcher menu options. Also from the launcher you can also use the recover settings option from the menu and cherry pick the copied files to move from /recovered/ the root where they will be picked up by the "Import Settings" dialog. Settings can be exported from the play store version if you would like to use your settings in the test version.
  2. For users of the Aardwolf RPG application - This testing version of the BlowTorch app can be installed side by side with the Aardwolf RPG app. You can export your settings from that app and use them in the testing version if you like, use MENU->Options->Export Settings to File in the Aardwolf RPG app and export the settings to a file (you must supply a file name). After that, the exported settings xml file from the Aardwolf RPG app will live in the /Aardwolf directory on the sdcard, that file must be moved to the /BlowTorch directory (if it does not exist it must be created, the BlowTorch app will automatically create it when launched). From there it needs to be imported through the steps outlined below.
  3.  Uninstall the previous installation of the BlowTorch TEST app - This only applies to anyone who has the old test version on their device. Due to a signing issue the auto-update code has been officially broken and the old one must be manually removed and the new package installed. The auto update system has been fixed and will continue to work after this initial install of the package.
  4. Get the new package -
  1. Install the package - This may need a package installer like astro or something, or attach the package and email yourself to a gmail account and use the gmail app to view it, it should give you the option of installing the package.
  2. Add new connections - Import an old launcher list or add new connections manually.
  3. Import old settings - While an active connection is open, select Import Settings from the menu button, browse to the appropriate .xml file and import the settings.

The goal is a transparent upgrade to the new system, all the settings should be converted to the v2 format and the new button plugin installed and assimilate the old button data.

That is pretty much it, everything should be business as usual, it would probably be a good idea to go through your triggers and make sure that they are all there and stuff.

For aardwolf users at this time, or other people interested in scripting, please check out the Chat Window Plugin or the New Features Guide.

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