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It's been a while since our last update so I present a picture of a cat in a loaf of bread.

A bread baked cat

Just loafin' around.

We've been working on a few animations, but with all the bugs we've encountered, the process has been slow. The latest 3ds Max 2012 service pack may have fixed loads of bugs, but it also introduced a few new ones. The Character Animation Toolkit rig, which I've been using on our latest project since it has a lot of potential and would be good to learn, keeps crashing or otherwise becomes corrupt (eg, joints scale each time I move them). Furthermore, digit control is impossible with the CATMotion layer in 2012 SP1 - when it's not causing 3ds Max 2012 to crash by simply selecting the controller, changing the values has no effect on the rig. Update:  Digit controls were fixed in 3ds Max 2012 Hot Fix 2.

In other news, Dan is preparing to release another app on the Android market. He's been working with the developer of a MUD game (multiplayer text-based roll-playing game) to release a variant of the BlowTorch client with customized for the Aardwolf MUD.

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