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Fixing our Samsung Television Rebooting

A few months ago, our Samsung television decided it was time to stop working. Without warning, the Samsung LCD flatscreen, model LN46A650, began rebooting while starting up. I could tell the television was rebooting because I could hear the startup chime, followed by a clicking sound, then the startup chime would go again. At first the Samsung television rebooted only a few times before turning on, but soon it started taking more than a couple minutes restarting before the TV truly turned on.

We knew our TV was dying. We had to consult The Internet. After a few searches, we discovered fellow Samsung users with TVs exhibiting the same symptoms: a rebooting television that took longer and longer to turn on every time. Based on our searches, we decided the problem was a poorly rated capacitor that had failed. We had several options: beg Samsung (who now accept responsibility for the bad capacitor and offer an extended warranty on that piece) and go without television for a few days, pay a technician a few hundred dollars, or fix it ourselves for $7.

Fixing Samsung Television

Replace the faulty capacitors

So naturally, we decided to void the warranty, tear the TV apart, and fix it ourselves. We ran to the local Radio Shack, purchased a capacitor for $7 and with our trusty soldering iron and some flux, replaced our blown capacitors following this YouTube video.

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