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BlowTorch v2 Test Version 4 Update

The first stab at the test version has been out for a while, and many bugs have been reported. A great deal of them have been fixed, as well as some new features. This post is the complete(ish) list of all the things that have been fixed or added in this version.

For those who have the test version installed, it should be notifying you that there is an update available.

For those that dont, please see the BlowTorch v2 Test installation instructions page.

Stuff that was fixed/added:

  • Removing plugins should no longer randomly crash the app.
  • Fixed a bug in the display of ansi text resulting in weird phantom lines to be added to the bottom of the input window.
  • Semicolons can now be escaped as ;; as well as ~;, if you need more ;, it is always 1 less than you put in, to send ;;, type ;;;
  • The timer command is back, you can use it mostly the same as before except there is no ordinal value, it is just timer name, such as .timer play tick silent, .timer info tick, etc. Timers should also be correctly loaded and saved along with all the other settings, sorry about that. *cough*.
  • Lua can now be typed directly into the input bar, as well as be sent from triggers, aliases or timers. Commands sent from plugins should affect only that plugin state. Commands entered via the input bar or through SendToServer() will affect the global lua state.  The script prefix is "/" so /foo = 38 will run "foo = 38" in the appropriate lua state.
  • Auto-reconnect is now less aggressive and will properly terminate when the connection is orderly shut down by the host. (e.g. typing quit will no longer start the reconnect process)
  • Aliases that match both start and end of line now can be capture group replaced, so you can have something that looks like "^portal (.+?)$" can be replaced "with, get $1 bag;hold $1;enter" and typing portal foo will result in the replacement.
  • Added a few API calls to make script communication easier and more like other clients.
  • Added some debugging info to settings and plugin loading processes.
  • Strengthened the multi-connection code and should be much more fault tolerant, also changed how the notifications work and made it much less buggy to switch between connections.
  • Fixed a number of GUI relates issues with the button editor. Properly sized in portrait as well as height on multiple screen sizes. Number type in fields also now only allow numbers and will switch to the appropriate keyboard when selected.
  • Fixed the history widget animation and made it not crash in portrait mode.
  • Fixed some bugs dealing with system encoding, output should properly load and display in a variety of encodings, UTF-8, windows-1251, GBK, Big5, etc. Although copy and pasting is broken for UTF-8, GBK, Big5 and I think any other encoding that uses multibyte characters as well as non-monospaced.

The list is a bit longer than that but it has most of the good stuff. The overall stability of this build should be quite a bit better than version 3. I plan on posting some how-to videos and tutorials as well as sample scripts very soon. This new update is just too good to not get to people. If you have not already gotten the update, it should automatically prompt you upon opening the launcher now, instead of having to press the update button (which also still works). If you do not have a previous version installed, please visit the Test Version Installation Instructions.


Better support for more encodings!

Experimental multi-miniwindow layout.

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