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BlowTorch v2 Test Version

It is time for me to release what I've been working on to anyone who would like to try it out.

Pretty much everything about BlowTorch has been rewritten at some point since the last update, but here are the parts that are totally new in this version:

  • Introduction of Scripts, the Lua Scripting Engine and MiniWindows
  • Auto-Reconnect
  • Multiple Connections
  • Text-Selection
  • Triggers and Aliases can now be toggled.
  • More options for trigger processing
    • Gag triggered lines
    • Replace triggered text
    • Colorize triggered text (with xterm 256 color).
    • Execute script function on trigger
  • A new button system, designed to be a replacement of the old button system with 100% lua scripts, with a new editor that features grid snapping, multi-editing and group moving.

As well as the release of a few example scripts, to be used as examples of how to achieve fully customizable UI andĀ behaviorĀ in BlowTorch.

Interested? Please check out the new Test Version Installation Instructions and the New Features Guide, and for the adventurous Aardwolf user or other interested parties, check out the Chat Window Plugin page.

For questions comments or concerns, please head over to the forums.

Note: This first release is more of an alpha than a beta version, there are a few things left to do and I will be posting more documentation about scripting and new features over the next few days.

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